1. There will be intake of students as approved by the UGC for each course.
2. The course will have 180 credits with 60 credits every year. 40% of credits shall include generic component and rest of the 60% of skill component as per the Sector Skill Council.
3. The concerned college will propose the details of credit assigned to each course with details in terms of Lecture, Tutorials and Laboratory Contact hours. This will be considered and approved by the Skill Development Board constituted by the University.
4. Each course will be assigned certain number of credits depending on the associated number of lecture, tutorials and laboratory contact hours in a week.
4.1 One credit is equivalent to one hour of teaching (lecture or tutorial) or two hours of practical work/field work per week. Accordingly, one credit would mean equivalent of 14-15 periods of 60 minutes each or 28-30 hrs of workshops/labs.
4.2 Practical / Laboratory Work: One laboratory hour per week per semester is assigned half credit. The credits are rounded off to the nearest whole number. For each lecture or tutorial the self study component is 1 hour/week

5. Performance/progress of a student is to be measured by the number of credits that he/she has earned (completed satisfactorily). Based on the course credits and grades obtained by the student, grade point average will be calculated, subject to his qualification of minimum grade in each subject.
6. At the end of every course, a letter grade will be awarded in each course for which a student had registered. On obtaining a pass grade (at least ā€˜Dā€™ grade), the student accumulates the course credits as earned credits. Performance of a student is measured by the number of credits that he/she has earned and by the weighted grade point average.
7. Every candidate shall be examined in the subject as laid down in the syllabus prescribed from time to time. 20% marks in each paper shall be assigned for internal assessment based on the following parameters: a. Mid-Semester test : 50% b. Class/Snap Test : 25% c. Assignment/ Project Work : 15% d. Attendance : 10%
8. The Principal of the concerned college shall forward these marks to the Controller of Examination at least one week before the commencement of the examination.