Physics is one of the field of knowledge that underlies the physical universe and applies constantly to everyday life. Physics is the basic science that underlies all the physical science and influences most of the biological science. Physics has always played ubiquitous, Critical and indispensable role in the understanding of our world and the development of technological applications to enhance and improve the human condition. Physics serves as the foundation upon which all science, both pure and applied is built. There is an umbrella of opportunities for a  physics graduate. With our excellent faculty and infrastructural facilities, we are towards the path of excellence.


·         Our objective is to teach and train undergraduate in the complete spectrum of theoretical as well as experimental physics.

·         To support the development activities of our institute and make the department vibrant.

·         To provide the comprehensive graduate programme and to fulfill the dreams of students.

·         To develop among the students, sensitivity to contribute to the betterment of society through knowledge in physics.

·         To enhance the knowledge of student and improve the quality of scientific research.

Achievements of Department

§  UGC sponsored seminar on Recent Trends in Science and Technology

§  Most of the students won scholarship under Beant Agya Scholarships and Mohindra Finance.

§  Most of the students got admission in reputed universities for higher studies.