National Cadet Corps is tri services organisation of our country in which Army, Navy and Air force jointly give guidance and leadership to disciplined and patriotic youth of schools and colleges and lead them for their careers. This organisation was established in our country on 16th April 1948 with 20,000 cadets. Now it has more than 13 lakh cadets all over the nation.

NCC aims to develop character, discipline, secular outlook, leadership, sense of adventure among cadets; the person with rank of ‘Lt. Gen’ is head of NCC at national level. There are 17 Head offices, divided on the basis of states. Main head office is at New Delhi, working with 788 units all over.

            ‘Unity & Discipline’ is Motto of NCC which was adopted on 23rd December 1957. As per this living Motto NCC is the greatest cohensive force which unities people of different states under one roof. NCC is greatest example of national integration.

NCC joins cadets under JW /JD and SW/SD groups. JD/JW cadets may join in 8th to 10th standard with age limit to join from 13 to 18.5 years. After 10th cadets may join in SD/SW for 3 years while JD/ JW join for 2 years training. Cadets should not be more than of 24 years for SD/SW. In both courses cadets got A certificate, B certificate and C certificate.

In NCC cadets get many benefits. In brief, Indian Armed Forces give reservation for entry to Defence forces. There is ‘Special Entry Scheme’ only for NCC cadets, for those vacancies only NCC cadets may apply. There is no written exam in CDS (Combined Defence services) Examination or NDA conducted by UPSC for NCC cadets, who may appear directly for SSB interview. There are 64 vacancies reserved in Indian Military Academy and 100 vacancies in a OTA Chennai for NCC cadets.  NCC cadets also got reservation for higher studies and above all NCC cadet got experience of defence forces life styles. Our Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi was also NCC cadet.

 Looking the great prospects of NCC, our college joined  this organisation  in the year 1999-2000, offering 55 vacancies to students for joining NCC, under 2PB(G) BN NCC jalandhar. Our ANO LT. RAMNEEK KAUR, serving since 2005 in NCC Department.